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Hints and Tips for Moving Items into Storage

  1. Plan ahead: Before moving your items to a storage facility, create a detailed plan of how you'll move them. This should include a list of items to be moved, packing supplies needed, and the logistics of the move.
  2. Take measurements: Measure the storage unit to ensure that all of your items will fit. Also, measure the dimensions of larger items to ensure that they can be maneuvered through the unit's doors and hallways.
  3. Use the right packing materials: Use sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and furniture covers to protect your items during transit and while in storage.
  4. Label everything: Clearly label all of your boxes with the contents and the room they came from. This will make it easier to find items later.
  5. Disassemble furniture: Disassemble larger items such as beds, tables, and bookcases to make them easier to move and store.
  6. Use dollies and hand trucks: Use dollies and hand trucks to move heavy items like appliances and furniture.
  7. Pack tightly: Pack your items tightly to prevent shifting during transport and while in storage. Use blankets or towels to fill gaps in between items.
  8. Stack items correctly: Stack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This will prevent damage to fragile items.
  9. Protect fragile items: Use bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam padding to protect fragile items such as glassware, mirrors, and artwork.
  10. Consider using pallets: If your items are sensitive to dampness or water, or are particularly heavy, consider using pallets to raise your items off the ground and allow pallet fork truck access.
  11. Organize your unit: Organize your unit so that you have easy access to items you may need in the future.
  12. Leave a path: Leave a path in the middle of your unit so that you can access all of your items easily.
  13. Store heavy items at the back: Store heavy items at the back of your unit to prevent them from falling onto lighter items.
  14. Lock your unit: Use a high-quality padlock to secure your unit and prevent theft.

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